Aoti Vanke Centre


Hangzhou, China

Site Area

13,969 sqm


95,521 sqm


Zhejiang Vanke Narada Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Aoti Vanke Centre is located at the heart of Qianjiang Century City Central Business District. It has reinterpreted the podium-tower typology by blurring the work-life distinction.

Led by Director Ferdinand Cheung, our team is responsible for the masterplanning, architectural design and interior design of this innovative working hub, which promotes interactions, active engagement and sustainability. The twin towers sit on top of the podium, complete with underground a car park and integrated servicing area. The towers are mainly office space, while the podium contains various foods and beverages as well as connecting amenities, such as the gymnasium, cafeteria and other entertainment spaces.

The design pivoted around a landscaped void at the very heart of the site. The lifted podium rotates and shears horizontally to open up cascading outdoor terraces with a spectrum of degree of publicness. The ‘unscrewing’ force turns parasitic to erode the main tower up to its crown, chipping off the massing to unveil a roof terrace dedicating to the city’s spectacles. The project seeks to create an oasis to mitigate the blandness of its surroundings. The gingko trees blots the courtyard space with its golden leaves at season’s call. The semi-public podium roof garden serves as a bridging leisure space between the two office towers, promoting symbiosis and creating networking occasions for different building users.


Winning Awards

International Property Awards – Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020
Office Architecture for China (Winner)
PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2018
Best Office Architectural Design, China – Winner
Asia Best Office Architectural Design – Finalist