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  • Chengdu CIFI Cmall


    Chengdu, China

    Site Area

    44996.41 sqm


    260573.24 sqm


    CIFI Group

    Chengdu CIFI Cmall is located in the Xindu District of Chengdu. It seamlessly combines "comfort" and "modernity" and is a landmark urban commercial complex that integrates a large shopping centre, a fashion district, a star-rated hotel, and apartments.

    The designers have integrated local cultural and geographical characteristics to develop two major IP themes: "Park" and "Music". By incorporating elements such as music boxes, sky studios, music markets, and memories of Chengdu, along with a distinctive facade design, they aim to transform Xindu into a hub of musical love, enhancing the district's commercial and entertainment vitality.

    The interior design emphasizes the "Music" theme to attract music lovers and thoroughly integrates this motif throughout the complex. The design includes distinctive features highlighting music, such as a multi-level atrium with a music studio as the focal point. This atrium connects to music-themed areas like music boxes, gardens, amusement parks, towers, and a music-themed gourmet market. These elements emphasize music's technological and interactive aspects, positioning the complex at the forefront of musical trends.


    Winning Awards

    The 14th International Design Awards 2020
    GBE HOPSCA Awards 2020
    The MUSE Design Awards 2021
    Architecture MasterPrize 2021