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  • China Overseas Cloud Hill


    Dongguan, China

    Site Area

    73,000 sqm


    220,000 sqm


    China Overseas Properties Ltd.

    Located in the Guanjingtou Village in Fenggang, Guandong, and expected to be complete by the end of 2018, The Piedmont is yet another masterpiece jointly crafted by LWK and China Overseas. The design originated from the country’s culture, Chinese landscape and human habitat design, and forged the form, spirit, and meaning of the new Chinese cultural villa. It also assimilates traditional Chinese essence to create a dignified elevation that encompasses classic beauty. It is a spectacular display of ‘the oriental’.

    The layout is centred around ‘manner’ and ‘kindness’. ‘Manner’ calls for appropriateness of arrangement; architectural spaces of the project are aligned on the central line of the site. Level by level, a strong presence is built up along the way. ‘Kindness’ calls for appropriateness between neighbours; the realness and unrealness of the neighbourhood fuses together in the natural order of things – there are seven gates along the street, enter through the gates and you will see the doors of the house.

    Looking on the elevation from afar, the design has assimilated traditional Chinese essence and redefined Chinese architecture with a new soul. The elevation is dignified, and portrays classical beauty. The clouds etched on the roof provocation means ‘same origin and same growth, harmony and unity’. It also encompasses the oriental philosophy of ‘when all things are in the natural order, men will be in their natural state, and more can be seen and experienced’. It is a symbol of luck and harmony. The doors of each court features stones with ancient etchings. This detail reveals the deeply-rooted Chinese foundation. Moreover, to complement the owners’ background, each court are fitted with a custom plaque to reflect their family style and class.


    Winning Awards

    15th Kinpan Awards 2020
    Best Residential Development of the Year (Shandong Division)
    The 5th CREDAWARD 2019
    Residential Project (Merit Award)
    13th Kinpan Awards 2018
    Best House of the Year (Guangdong and Guangxi Division)
    Best House of the Year – Grand Final