Chongqing 18T


Chongqing, China

Site Area

33,097 sqm


25,993 sqm (Commercial precinct)


GuocoLand China

The project sits in Shibati (literally ‘18 steps’), a core area in Chongqing’s central Yuzhong district that bridges the upper and lower parts of the city. Preserving connections with the local culture is one of the main design objectives for the site, which is home to the former French consulate – a national heritage dating back to the city’s early development – historical buildings from the Qing dynasty and Republic of China period, as well as an ancient urban corridor.

A number of open spaces and feature zones are planned around historical buildings and cultural spots, forming a retail precinct with walkways that set visitors out on a journey through time. Throughout the masterplan, buildings from different periods serve as historical signposts along the way, and together they form a distinctive cultural landscape in Shibati.

The design of the project conforms to Chongqing’s unique terrain, where a multidimensional streetscape is highlighted by entry points at different levels. Traditional elements find their way into modern architecture, creating a one-of-a-kind spatial experience in a thriving community.

LWK + PARTNERS is responsible for the design of the commercial precinct of Chongqing 18T, whilst the residential towers were designed by another practice.