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  • Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery


    Chongqing, China


    2,500 sqm


    Chongqing Xu Yu Hua Jin Real Estate Development Limited

    As a lifestyle gallery, Jiangshan Yun Chu – Legend Gallery in China is a trial for and response to localised architecture by LWK + PARTNERS. Sitting on a triangular site at the highest point of the cliff close to the Jialing River bank, it explores the spatial interaction between nature and urban space.

    The architecture is subtly filled with images of cliffs, riverbends, sunsets and mountains, where shapes of natural features were interpreted as simple curves cutting across the sky. To better assimilate with the surroundings, the building merges into the mountains and is embedded in the cliff rocks. The elevation contains over 180 panes of customised glazing, inviting sunlight to penetrate the gallery and fall onto the city behind it. The entire second level has been rotated, adding an artistic twist to the impressiveness of the cliff. The building also has an 18-metre-long overhanging observation terrace commanding views of the city.


    Winning Awards

    GBE Real Estate Design Award 2021
    Best Architectural Design
    The 14th International Design Awards 2020
    Architecture (Museum, Exhibits, Pavilions and Exhibitions Category) - Bronze Prize
    The 6th CREDAWARD 2020
    Residential Project – Merit Award
    5th Jinwa Award 2019
    Best Architectural Award
    Best Architectural Design Award – Shortlisted
    14th Kinpan Awards 2019
    Best Pre-Sale Property of the Year (Chongqing Division)
    Best Pre-Sale Property of the Year--Residential and Condo (Grand Final)