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  • HKRI Taikoo Hui The Middle House


    Shanghai, China

    Site Area

    6.2 ha


    22,579 sq m. (T5)
    14,010 sq m. (T6)


    Guan Feng (Shanghai) Real Estate Development

    The Middle House is the fourth hotel in Swire’s The House Collective in China. Interior Design for the hotel was led by renowned Milan-based architect, Piero Lissoni, while we oversaw Interior Design Execution.

    As a pioneer Executive Interior Designer in the industry, we are highly competent in capturing the design essence and turning it into reality. Coupled with our longstanding partnership with Swire, especially from our successful collaboration on the Taikoo Hui Mandarin Oriental project, we were able to fully capture the essence of Lissoni’s design to express and interpret its beauty.