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  • Landmark Riverside Park


    Chongqing, China

    Site Area

    359,504 sqm


    1,828,589 sqm


    Hongkong Land
    China Merchants Group

    The project is located at the Nan’an district in Chongqing on the east shore of Yangtze River. It is near to the conjunction of Yangtze River and Jialing River with a view of Chongqing Grand Theatre and Chaotianmen Dock. Different functions are assigned to different parts of the site considering the current situation of the city, conditions of the site, scenic resources and cultural resources to create a comprehensive urban system. The project planning is developed based on three key elements, namely Danzishi Old Street, riverfront commerce and riverfront plazas. It has become a famous sight of the city, which is also a statement of the project’s excellence.

    The holistic and internal layout of all components of the development are taken into consideration of the overall planning, which coordinates the different areas to deliver a comprehensive community. Guided by the scenic resources, the residential area is set along the riverfront. The residential blocks closer to the river are shorter than those farther away at the back; the height difference can maximise river view for all residential units. The internal layout also minimises visual obstruction to the river view. Danzishi Old Street and the riverfront commercial area also offer a visual focus, which gives a boost to the project’s investment value.


    Winning Awards

    The Global RLI Award 2018
    RLI International Retail & Leisure Destination – Winner
    The 4th CREDAward 2018
    Merit Award
    ICSC China Shopping Centre & Retail Awards 2017
    Development and Design – Silver Award
    Real Estate Design China Award 2017
    Merit Award
    Chongqing Survey and Design of Excellence 2017
    Architectural Design – 1st Prize
    16th Shenzhen Survey and Design of Excellence 2015
    Residential Category – 3rd Prize
    10th Kinpan Awards 2015
    Best Mixed Use Project of the Year