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  • LANYU SANSAN Entertainment Park


    Shijiazhuang, China

    Site Area

    28,900 sqm


    43,153 sqm


    Hebei Zhonghong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    The project will house Asia’s deepest diving centre, moving away from the conventional sporting facility typology of concentric colosseum to craft a mixed-use landmark for sports, entertainment and tourism.

    The project features a complex interplay of form, volume and dimensions. All volumes carry themselves with the sense of hovering associated with diving in the sky or under water.

    A massive platform bridges the edifices and offers a ‘diving’ experience by being partially submerged underground. This creates interesting fault lines between the spaces and a colourful playground that sets the stage for the adventures and social happenings.

    A skydiving centre and a boutique hotel with scuba-diving facilities sit diagonally across the site, achieving a sense of balance. The latter also has an underwater bridge made to be the perfect dining place for couples, adding a touch of romance to this park of thrill. A host of other activities such as indoor-surfing and VR arcade are also available on site, as well as offices and specialty retail, drawing visitors of all ages, and divers and surfers across levels of mastery.

    An iconic slide whirl around a raised panoramic screen, broadcasting activities through-
    out the park in real-time. This monumental centrepiece welcomes attention from within and beyond the site, signifying the project’s position as a sports and entertainment hub in the Zhengding New District.