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  • LWK + PARTNERS HK Studio


    Hong Kong, China


    1,126 sqm (6/F)
    390 sqm (7/F)



    Designers need space to fully exert their true creative power. Our new studio on 6/F is optimised for our designers’ needs. Each of these teams works separately, and has their own personality. Yet, when they collaborate, sparks fly, so as designers, they knew they needed a space that allows for such rigorous reaction. A welcoming entrance on the 6/F is not only responsible for visitors’ first impression of the space, but is also a space for making introductions and opening dialogues and discussions. This is the space for music nights, sharing seminars, and fun parties. Some called corridors “undersigned leftover spaces” but our designers made them a chatterbox – a place to sit down, take a rest, or brainstorm and collide.

    The 7/F studio, on the other hand, is a designers’ wonderland – a bit crazy, but fun and bubbly. It is adventurous, inspiring, but also cozy and safe for creative minds to fly. The 7/F studio houses our interior design teams, and integrates functionality and spirituality to seek balance between men and nature. The open floor plan satisfies our colleagues’ communication and collaboration needs, but being dressed in natural elements enable it to also fulfil Chinese fengshui, which calls for the ultimate balance between different elements. The playfully illuminated graphic entrance-slash-waiting area features bespoke swing chairs and an antique boat wood backdrop – a combination of the artificial and nature.The entire studio is a material library that features various finishes, including natural wood, handcrafted carpets, and glittering chandeliers.