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  • Mengzhuiwan Urban Regeneration


    Chengdu, China

    Site Area

    370,000 sqm


    335,210 sqm


    Chengdu Jincheng Huachuang Co. Ltd.

    Mengzhuiwan, a riverfront neighbourhood in Chenghua district of Chengdu, is one of those old neighbourhoods that is mainly residential with outdated and low-end commercial and services. The environment is bland and has little interaction with the river. LWK + PARTNERS’ regeneration masterplan aims to transform it into a beating heart of the community with thriving activities and a fresh, vibrant urban identity. Connected by multiple key traffic motorways, the area will be identified as a key development area in the eastern part of Chengdu’s city centre.

    The masterplan examines the tangible and intangible existing assets, as well as the existing urban fabric, to comprehensively upgrade Chenghua area’s gateway. Inspired by musical movement, programmatic spaces are planned around the design concept, ‘Symphony of Dreams,’ to preserve and enliven the area’s art, culture, entertainment, and commerce.

    Three existing landmarks of the area, including the 339-metre West Pearl Tower, State Taxation Administration Building and Tong Mei Building, will be transformed into three urban anchor nodes symbolising the past and future of Chengdu and its connection to the world. New programmes are assigned to the respective spaces and their façades will be redesigned to integrate progressive social and environmental objectives.

    One of the highlights of Mengzhuiwan’s regeneration plan is to reintroduce nature and wildlife to cities. The plan takes form of a 2.5-kilometre riverfront site along the Jin River, making the waterscape a central design element. An elevated walkway called the ‘Fantasy Silk Road’ connects to multiple landmarks and points of interest including the three anchor nodes, providing various points of attraction along the river where people can engage with the river, while attracting new businesses and improving the overall living quality of existing residents.