Oriental Bund


Foshan, China

Site Area

980,000 sqm (Residential)
44,708 sqm (Mixed-use)
200,000 sqm (Landscape)


2,782,000 sqm (Residential)
15,639 sqm (Mixed-use)


Sun Hung Kai Properties Ltd.

The project adopts the Lingnan gardening culture, taking inspiration from mountains, waters, stones and woods to create a space where men, architecture and nature coexist harmoniously – an ideal that resembles a Chinese ink painting.

A picturesque network of waterways spread throughout the entire landscape provides a serene and attractive sanctuary for the residents. The waterway network maps the framework for each residential parcel. The entrance lawn, front- and backyards of the residences, the greenbelt the surrounds the project and the extensive water promenade design forms a holistic, thoughtful landscape design.


Winning Awards

10th Kinpan Awards 2015
Best Mixed Use Project of the Year
Media Recommended Mixed-use Project of the Year