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  • Qianhai FUTURE TIMES Plots 4, 5 and 7-2


    Shenzhen, China


    Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd.
    China Overseas

    Landscape Design Area

    203,575 sqm

    LWK + PARTNERS Landscape Team, in collaboration with DDON, delivers a holistic landscape scheme for Plots 4, 5 and 7-2 of FUTURE TIMES, one of Qianhai’s largest transport-oriented developments (TODs). The overall scheme takes Qianhai’s urban planning objectives to be ‘ecological’, ‘all-dimensional’ and ‘compact’ into account. Over 200,000 square metres of landscape design areas work around a diversity of amenities such as top-notch business centres, premium residences, all-green recreational centre, art and culture venues and a lifestyle gallery, transforming the site into an urban landmark in a financial business hub.

    Guiding and coordinating the circulation of people is one of the key design objectives. The design connects multiple buildings distributed across a massive site. All towers, retail streets and event spaces are strategically arranged in sensible, synergistic relation with one another, seamlessly connected through a vibrant network of walkable pathways surrounded by multilayered greenery, to enhance the flow and unity of the overall project as well as integrate into the city’s wider pedestrian system.

    A sky bridge is inserted between two residential towers and acts as a hanging garden island, turning the most eye-catching spot of the urban oasis into a splendid gem of a garden while providing residents a great place to relax. Height differences of the residential zone are mitigated through a series of landscape features, as layers of aquatic designs and plantings lead the eye towards higher points of the site to create a sense of depth. Plants also blur the boundaries so that buildings and outdoor spaces merge into one, bringing the beauty of nature into everyday life.