SCTC (Former Lu Dan Building)


Shenzhen, China

Site Area

2,912.2 sqm


48,264 sqm


City Investment & Development Co Ltd.

Located in Lu Dan Village of Luohu, Shenzhen, the project enjoys a significant view of the river and a direct access to Shenzhen Metro Line 9. It is the first eco-landmark along Binhe Avenue. The building height is approximately 150m, consisting of a 3-storey basement, 7-storey commercial podium and 26-storey office building.

We adopted a Double-Sided + Upwards concept to overcome noise pollution from the main traffic roads and to and visual blockage by surrounding building. "Double-sided" refers to how the north side of the building complements the image of Binhe Avenue as the face of the city, while its south-facing orientation satisfies the general public’s preference for residential buildings. ”Upwards” refers to the manipulation of mid-level office orientations, which extends upwards to maximise office space and enhances the building form.


Winning Awards

13th Kinpan Awards 2018
Best Condo of the Year (South China Division)
Best Office of the Year – Grand Final
3rd Shenzhen Quality Working Drawing Award
Silver Award
17th Shenzhen Survey and Design of Excellence 2016
Public Works Category – 2nd Prize