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  • The Vertex


    Hong Kong, China

    Site Area

    2,403 sqm


    21,615 sqm


    China Evergrande

    The Vertex is a typical comprehensive development designed in a non-typical way, in which the traditional podium tower setting is re-interpreted to show respect for the city fabric, the traditionally rich streetscape, and the history of the site. Formerly known as the garment and textile hub, the previous garment factory is re-developed into a modern city hub, with the ground floor of the mall opened up for people to circulate, gather and enjoy street vibe. Textile pattern on the mall’s façade pays homage to the traditional Hong Kong garment industries and creates a unique identity for the whole development. The clubhouse is split into two while a rooftop sky clubhouse oversees the bustling city view with the Lion Rock in the backdrop which also resembles the development history of Hong Kong.