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  • Zhengding Li Mixed-use Development


    Shijiazhuang, China

    Site Area

    100,837 sqm


    190,926 sqm


    Hebei Zhonghong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    This is a retail-led development located in a new central business district adjacent to the historical city of Zhengding in Shijiazhuang, China. The project comprises SOHO offices, serviced apartments as well as a resort hotel, with the metro station close by.

    Contrast is a driving theme in the project, which seeks to resolve tension between the old and new and between different architectural scales and styles. Traditional pitched roof and pillars work in harmony with modern glazing in the lower blocks, while higher blocks display modern architectural style with expansive green decks incorporated on different floors to create a pleasant leisurely environment.

    All buildings are linked up by a legible network of pedestrian-friendly retail streets to facilitate walkability and circulation. Together with a number of sustainable features, Zhengding Li is set to refresh the work and leisure experience at an up-and-coming commercial district with close proximity to a historical attraction.


    Winning Awards

    HKIA Annual Awards 2019/20
    15th Kinpan Awards 2020
    Best Hotel of the Year (Beijing Division)
    International Property Awards – Asia Pacific Property Awards 2019-2020
    Hotel Architecture for China (Winner)
    Cityscape Awards for Emerging Markets 2019
    Future Retail Project Award (Winner)
    The Global RLI Awards 2019
    RLI Most Anticipated Opening 2019 – Shortlisted
    China Commercial Real Estate Industry Annual Awards 2019
    China Excellent Commercial Building Design Award