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    12 April 2023

    Contributing to the Conversation with Marketing Leaders from Around the World

    Tala Alnounou, our MENA Head of Marketing, recently participated in the renowned CMO Chats podcast by The Ortus Club. In this episode, Tala discussed marketing challenges and strategies for emerging markets.

    The CMO Chats podcast is powered by The Ortus Club, a global knowledge-sharing platform committed to promoting B2B knowledge and expertise. Each episode features marketing leaders worldwide, sharing their thoughts and experiences, offering valuable insights for professionals across the industry.

    Tala discussed marketing challenges, trends, and best practices with the CMO Chats team. The conversation revolved around the ever-evolving marketing landscape, the significance of customer-centric strategies, and the importance of adapting to new technologies and platforms.

    Tala also shared her perspective on balancing data-driven approaches with creative intuition, emphasizing the need to create meaningful connections and tell compelling stories that resonate with the target audience.

    We invite you to listen to podcast episode on Spotify, watch the 2-minute YouTube video, or check out blog for more insights:

    Spotify http://bit.ly/407GkfC

    YouTube http://bit.ly/3UImdDJ

    Blog  http://bit.ly/43uoB54

    At LWK + PARTNERS, we believe in sharing knowledge and expertise to foster growth and innovation across all specialties. Tala’s participation in the CMO Chats podcast is a testament to this commitment.