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    19 April 2023

    Bringing Our Team Together: LWK + PARTNERS Dubai Hosts Company Iftar for Ramadan 2023

    We recently hosted our annual company Iftar for our Dubai team at Sheraton Mall of the Emirates Hotel, Dubai. It was a wonderful evening of breaking fast and connecting with each other in the holy month of Ramadan. We believe that coming together as a team during this sacred time is an important tradition that promotes unity and solidarity.

    It was an opportunity for the team to catch up with each other, share stories, and strengthen their relationships as a team. As a company, we believe that these moments of connection are important for building a positive and supportive work environment.

    At LWK + PARTNERS, we strive to create an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity and promotes social connections. The holy month of Ramadan is an important time for our Muslim colleagues, and we are proud to come together as a team to honor this special time. We believe that by fostering an environment of respect, inclusivity, and open communication, we can create a workplace that is both productive and enjoyable for everyone.

    We look forward to continuing this tradition in the years to come and wish all of our colleagues, clients, and friends a blessed Ramadan.