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    02 April 2024

    Andreja Marolt Recognized as One of Arabian Business’s Top 50 Women Leaders

    We are proud to announce that Andreja Marolt, Director of Business Development at LWK + PARTNERS, has been honored with a feature in this month’s Arabian Business list of the top 50 women leaders. This prestigious recognition celebrates her exceptional contributions to the architecture and design industry and her role in driving significant growth and innovation within the MENA region.

    Andreja has been instrumental in shaping strategic business development initiatives at LWK + PARTNERS, guiding the firm through numerous successful projects and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. Her expertise and leadership have not only advanced the company’s goals but have also made a lasting impact on the broader industry.

    This accolade is a testament to Andreja’s hard work, dedication, and visionary approach to business development in architecture and design. It highlights the significant role that women play in leading and transforming businesses across the region.

    We at LWK + PARTNERS congratulate Andreja on this remarkable achievement and look forward to her continued leadership and success. Her recognition as one of Arabian Business’s top 50 women leaders is not just a personal milestone but also an inspiration to women everywhere striving to make their mark in their respective fields.