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    22 April 2024

    LWK + PARTNERS Expands Leadership Team to Fuel Growth and Innovation in MENA

    In a strategic move to bolster  leadership and further cement its position as a pioneer in the architectural and design industry, LWK + PARTNERS is proud to announce significant updates to its leadership team in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. This announcement, made from the company’s regional headquarters in Dubai on 22 April 2024, details the exciting inclusion of new hires and the well-earned promotions of key team members. The expansion and elevation of talent within LWK + PARTNERS aim to enhance the firm’s innovative capabilities and drive growth, underscoring its commitment to excellence and visionary leadership in transforming spaces and communities across MENA.



    New Hires:

    • Andreja Marolt joins as the Director of Business Development for MENA. Andreja is renowned for her strategic impact in the design and architecture industry. With a solid foundation in architecture and over 12 years of professional experience, she has successfully spearheaded business development initiatives, driving growth and expansion across global markets. Her pragmatic and results-driven approach, combined with her passion for inline skating, highlights her dynamic personality and dedication to excellence. “Joining LWK + PARTNERS represents a fantastic opportunity to fuse visionary design with strategic business development,” says Marolt. “I’m excited to spearhead projects that push innovative boundaries and set new standards in the industry.”
    • Maryam Nademi steps into the role of Associate and Head of Project Management. With over 18 years of experience in the global Architecture and Construction sector, Maryam brings her adaptability and forward-thinking approach to our team. Her profound understanding of contract and budget management, coupled with her expertise in overseeing intricate projects across MENA, CIS, and Africa, makes her an invaluable addition to the leadership team. “My goal is to enhance the synergy between design innovation and project management to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients,” Nademi notes.



    • Ann Thomas has been promoted to Associate Architect. With over 13 years of experience in Master Planning and Architecture, Ann has demonstrated exceptional design development and management skills. Her ability to lead multi-disciplinary teams and ensure that designs remain true to the original vision has been instrumental in the successful delivery of numerous projects. “Elevating our designs while staying true to our core architectural principles is my continuing commitment,” says Thomas.
    • Subby Rani has been elevated to the position of Senior Architect. With her keen interest in bridging the gap between technological advancements and design solutions, Subby has made significant contributions to improving the urban fabric of places. As an urbanist her progressive learning curve and involvement in projects ranging from small-scale residences to urban-level interventions reflect her dedication and expertise. Rani comments, “This new role is a remarkable chance to further contribute to creating spaces that blend aesthetic appeal with functional innovation.”


    Strategic Enhancements for a Dynamic Future

    Speaking on the leadership team enhancements, Kerem Cengiz, MENA Managing Director, at LWK + PARTNERS, said, “The addition of Andreja and Maryam, along with the well-deserved promotions of Ann and Subby, further strengthens our leadership team and positions us for continued success in the MENA region. We are excited for the next phase of growth and look forward to the contributions of our new and existing team members.”

    These strategic enhancements to leadership team underscore LWK + PARTNERS’ commitment to fostering a culture of excellence, diversity and innovation.


    Tala Alnounou

    Head of Marketing – MENA

    Tel:  +971-4 419 7200

    Email: talaalnounou@lwkp.com