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    07 May 2021

    ARTUP: Original Art and Barcelonian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Shenzhen

    Original Art and Barcelonian Contemporary Art, an exhibition staged by LWK + PARTNERS spatial art branch ARTUP and Shenzhen Original Art Association took place in Shenzhen Book Mall Central store over the Labour Day holidays of mainland China and came to a close today with great success!

    At the opening ceremony on 30 April, LWK + PARTNERS Director and ARTUP Director Kelvin Hui shared his thoughts about art and the notion that art supports ‘contemporary, holistic development’, through videoconferencing.

    Speaking as the curator of the exhibition, LWK + PARTNERS Associate Director – Decoration and ARTUP General Manager Joanna Wong explained her expectation for the show, the whole idea of establishing ARTUP and its future prospects. Through the exhibition, she hoped to explore the ways to raise the bar for original art, better position art in today’s creative fields and attach greater socioeconomic value to it.

    The exhibition aimed to explore the theme ‘Local heritage and the contemporary world’, celebrating transformation and innovation while rethinking the dynamics between Chinese culture and contemporary art. It garnered support from a wide span of society including Shenzhen’s government bodies.

    The space is divided into three sections, dedicated to original art, Barcelonian art and cultural and creative art, with works in diverse formats including installations, paintings, sculpture and more.

    ARTUP focuses on art as a connector that bridges culture, business and technology, leveraging the strategic partnership between mother company C Cheng Holdings Limited and Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (BMEDI). It promotes the development of original art and traditional cultures by improving accessibility for artworks, new media art and digital art. It envisions to become an artistic benchmark for Shenzhen and the centre of activities for Chinese art. ARTUP is now on the lists of recognised consultants of major companies like Vanke, China Resources Land, Kerry Properties and Boyaa Shenzhen.

    Art and design in modern society have gone far beyond their function of pure decoration. Today, their significance is defined by their embedded cultural identities, while providing a vital channel for emotional expression and the exchange of ideas, both very important for the maintenance of mental health.

    At LWK + PARTNERS, art always has a place in spatial design. The firm takes a global perspective to promoting Chinese culture and puts it into the design of living spaces to foster liveability – a process where ARTUP will definitely play a key role.