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    30 December 2022

    Benjamin Chan and Rebecca Wong discuss façade lighting trends with Universal Light

    Is façade lighting designed to add an extravagant touch to architecture? Or can it be harmonized with architecture?

    In Universal Light, an Australian architectural lighting publication collaborating with leading voices worldwide, our Shenzhen Director Benjamin Chan and Hong Kong Associate Director and lighting design lead Rebecca Wong shared insights into the evolution of façade illumination in China over the past years.

    “When lighting design was about making grandeur, eye-catching statements 15 years ago, façades became screens covered with pictures, advertisements or moving texts,” said Benjamin.

    The architect identified “a significant disconnect” between architecture and lighting at the time, when lighting often “overpowered architecture and became irrelevant”.

    “But as the industry advances, lighting design focuses more on its effects on spectators and preserves architecture subtly. It highlights critical elements for an atmosphere accentuating a building’s architectural syntax,” said Rebecca.

    In Benjamin’s view, the meaning of a building also extends beyond a project, because of sustainable design and architecture. “It’s about balancing nature and the surroundings and considering the project’s future,” he said.

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