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    30 September 2021

    Bosco Kwan as key speaker of GRAPHISOFT Building Together

    Design Director Bosco Kwan joined the GRAPHISOFT Building Together 2021 Digital Event as one of the key speakers on 16 September, to share his views on sustainable design and project experience under the topic of ‘The “real” challenge with sustainable design in high-density Hong Kong’.

    Bosco shared that designing eco-friendly buildings and liveable communities in high-density Hong Kong is an exceptional challenge due to its space limitations and high land prices. He discussed the complexities of adapting globally recognised principles in the local context, as well as the possible response strategies in architectural planning and design, with references to one of our urban renewal projects, The Vertex in Hong Kong, China, and the city’s Sustainable Building Design Guidelines.

    As part of the urban renewal plans in Hong Kong, The Vertex has been transformed from a garment factory in Cheung Sha Wan. To respond to urban threats of narrow streets, lack of greenery and pollutions, our architects implemented greening and sustainable elements to the design to create a comfortable living environment.

    The mall is set back to create a pleasant landscaped street environment with the ground floor opened up for people to circulate and gather, enlivening the overall streetscape with open spaces for public enjoyment. Skylights are designed to allow sunlight while greenery introduces natural elements to the building.

    To mitigate noise pollution in high-density neighbourhoods, some residential units have installed acoustic fins and balconies and baffle windows to block out the unwanted hubbub from main traffic roads while retaining natural ventilation and outdoor scenery. Rooftop sky clubhouse overseeing the bustling city view with the Lion Rock and Victoria Harbour in the backdrop provides a relaxing and comfortable breakout spaces for residents.

    Organised by GRAPHISOFT, Building Together was a three-day online event during 14-16 September with presentations and discussions by over 30 leading architects and experts from around the world.

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