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    07 July 2023

    Celebrates 12th Recognition in BCI Asia Top 10 Architects Awards

    We are delighted to announce that LWK + PARTNERS has again been distinguished in the prestigious BCI Asia Top 10 Architects Awards, marking our 12th recognition in 2023. This milestone highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable regional design solutions.

    At the awards ceremony, our Director William Cheung, graciously received the award on behalf of the firm, showcasing our talented team’s collective efforts and dedication. We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to BCI Asia and our valued clients and partners for their continued support and collaboration throughout the years.

    As we continue to grow and evolve, LWK + PARTNERS remains steadfast in its dedication to architectural excellence, embracing the challenges of creating inspiring spaces and implementing sustainable design solutions. We eagerly anticipate further success and growth on this exciting journey, hand in hand with our esteemed clients, partners, and the architectural community.