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    16 November 2020

    CIC Sustainable Construction Award Conference and Presentation Ceremony 2020

    Green architecture is at the heart of our cities’ sustainable development. Around the globe, architects and designers are treating it a shared commitment to strike a harmonious relationship with the natural environment.

    David Cheung, LWK + PARTNERS Associate Director, is certainly an active participant of this movement. Last Friday, he was recognised with an Outstanding Award of General Practitioner at the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Sustainable Construction Award Conference and Presentation Ceremony 2020, for his efforts in managing and executing the revitalisation of the former Fanling Magistracy into The HKFYG Leadership Institute. Through initiatives in ecofriendliness, team structure, choice of materials, waste management and workflow, David has set an example for his peers in cultivating a greener industry.

    Director Ivan Fu also took part in the event as a panellist in the ‘New Era of Sustainable Construction’ discussion, exchanging views with industry leaders on the challenges and opportunities in promoting sustainable construction in Hong Kong. Ivan expressed optimism towards the industrialisation of the construction industry and reinstated why the green finance is key to expediting a sustainable, low-carbon future.