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    02 July 2021

    Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice Campaign 2021

    On 18 June, volunteers from our Hong Kong studio participated in the Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice Campaign to hand out free meal boxes sponsored by the practice, sending our love and care to the community.

    During the event, volunteers followed precautionary measures, including wearing facemasks at all time and sanitising hands regularly, to maintain the highest standards of health and safety.

    Organised by Construction Industry Council, Lo Pan Rice Campaign is a highlight of the annual Lo Pan Service Month, which strives to promote volunteering culture in the industry in the spirit of Master Lo Pan. Free meal boxes are given to disadvantaged groups like single elderly people, unemployed people, low-income groups, people with disabilities, patients with mental illness, underprivileged families, people living in subdivided units and ethnic minorities. LWK + PARTNERS always believes in good corporate citizenship and contributes to society through participating and sponsoring various charitable projects, and encourages colleagues to spread the spirit of mutual care and support in society.