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    05 July 2021

    Two projects shortlisted in the 5th ELA International Landscape Award 2021

    Two projects by LWK + PARTNERS Landscape Team have been shortlisted in the 5th ELA International Landscape Award 2021! They are Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu in Hangzhou, China and THE PAVILIA BAY in Hong Kong, China. The two projects are also running for the ‘Most Popular Landscape Award of the Year’ via online public votes. Results will be announced in end of July.

    Conrad Hangzhou Tonglu in Hangzhou, China is surrounded by scenic 270-degree views of the Tianxi Lake. Our Landscape Team took inspiration from mountains, waterscapes, wilderness and art to form a ‘Unity of land and water’ design framework, extending modern luxury hospitality out into the green.

    THE PAVILIA BAY in Hong Kong looks out on the beautiful Rambler Channel carrying the themes of ‘yachting’ and ‘sunshine’. Its landscaped area features multiple open-air terraces and balconies with posh sofas, lounge chairs and transparent parapets for residents to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sea.

    Initiated by renowned design media ARCHINA, ELA International Landscape Award is dedicated to developing a China-based award brand with a global perspective and lasting impact. The jury is composed of national and international experts across disciplines, and judges select the best projects anonymously through a five-dimensional scoring model covering ecological, environmental, economic, aesthetic and educational metrics.