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    07 July 2021

    Two LWK + PARTNERS retail projects on RLI Magazine to illustrate APAC growth

    Two LWK + PARTNERS retail projects in China, Zijing Paradise Walk in Hangzhou and Zhongshan OCT Harbour in Zhongshan, are selected by RLI Magazine for its special feature of a series of visionary retail real estate projects to illustrate the strong economic performance in Asia-Pacific region despite of COVID-19 and the anticipated continuous growth in the next decade.

    Designed by Ferdinand Cheung’s team, Zijing Paradise Walk in Hangzhou (click for project details) infuses culture and wellness as the central themes with myriad leisure and wellness facilities spread across interlocking spaces of the mall, which are also well integrated with the key essence of ancient Hangzhou’s Hui-style architecture, embodying a sense of simplicity, elegance and preserved heritage.

    Zhongshan OCT Harbour in Zhongshan (click for project details) is a large-scale cultural-tourism project in Shiqi which features a theme park, retail areas, entertainment facilities, offices, hotel and residences. The masterplan by LWK + PARTNERS incorporates vernacular Lingnan aesthetics, river ecology and sustainability considerations alongside business opportunities to build a dynamic recreational destination in the west coast of China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

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