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    02 November 2023

    DIFC Living: featured on Archiworld

    our exceptional project, DIFC Living , has received recognition from ArchiWorld, a leading architectural publisher in South Korea. This prestigious acknowledgment highlights our commitment to architectural excellence and innovation.

    As an architectural specialized publisher, ArchiWorld strives to provide its readers with the latest insights and developments in the architecture industry. We are honored to be featured in ArchiWorld’s November issue (AW342) and look forward to further collaborations.

    Our project, DIFC Living , represents a groundbreaking approach to urban living, combining sustainability, design, and innovation. This recognition reaffirms our dedication to pushing the boundaries of architectural possibilities.

    We extend our gratitude to ArchiWorld for this recognition and express our commitment to continued excellence in the field of architecture.

    For more information about this project and our other endeavors, please visit our website and stay connected with us for future updates.