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    08 November 2023

    “Sustainability – Past, Present and Future” RIBA Exhibition

    This year we took part in “Sustainability – Past, Present and Future,” a dynamic architecture exhibition in partnership with RIBA Gulf Chapter. The exhibition opened 8th of November during Dubai Design Week at Dubai Design District.

    The exhibition is themed around sustainability, and it totally embodied sustainability principles from projects exhibited to the display.

    RIBA Gulf Chapter curation team made conscious choices to ensure the exhibition is environmentally responsible. It was crafted from low carbon materials and designed for future use.

    Materials were carefully sourced, including reclaimed wood from BEEAH Group and PSB boards from Desert Board, which are made from locally upcycled palm waste. The modular design allows for relocation and reuse.

    The exhibition, showcasing projects and models by esteemed firms is in Building 6 Atrium, Dubai Design District. It covers architectural projects from the past to the future, all addressing sustainability. The exhibition is up until COP 28, with frequent guest tours and delegations daily until the 12th of December.

    This remarkable exhibition takes the visitors on a journey through time, unveiling the evolution of sustainable architecture in the Gulf region. It shines a spotlight on the influential role of architects in shaping a more sustainable future.

    LWK + PARTNERS featured two projects LIBRARY OF LIGHT & DIFC LIVING; both projects narrate how innovation converges with sustainability, to bring architectural landscape to life.

    Special thanks to the curation team for their generous contributions in developing and producing this exhibition. We are proud to be part of this inspiring initiative designed to inspire, educate, and champion sustainable design.