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    11 September 2019

    Director Ivan Fu narrates our journey of utilising BIM

    LWK + PARTNERS Director Ivan Fu was invited to share our journey of using building information modelling (BIM) technologies at the GRAPHISOFT BIM Conference in Tokyo yesterday. Himself an integral part of LWK + PARTNERS’ growth, Ivan gave a sketch of how the application of BIM has contributed to our evolution over the years as we continue making impact in different parts of the world.

    LWK + PARTNERS became a trendsetter when it decided to experiment with BIM in 2004, representing a bold step of investment that led to a paradigm change at different stages of workflow. Ivan shared a few projects to illustrate the different stages of incorporating BIM in the practice. Challenges emerged along the way but LWK + PARTNERS was committed to developing solutions, with a belief that a single source of truth for each project to ensure the highest standards of outcomes.

    The GRAPHISOFT BIM Conference took place in Tokyo and Osaka on 10 and 13 September, with international speakers offering corporate experience and personal insight on the use of 3D technologies in architecture and construction. By facilitating knowledge sharing of the latest technologies and usage, the event aims to pave the way for more cost-effective solutions.

    LWK + PARTNERS’ success in BIM is buttressed by a strong partnership with sister company isBIM, which specialises in 3D technologies to provide professional consulting services to leading institutions and public sectors around the world. It is a cherished collaboration which LWK + PARTNERS will continue leveraging to deliver premium projects around the globe for building smarter cities.