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    29 July 2022

    Director Kenneth Lo among first engineers in Hong Kong and Macau to qualify in mainland

    Kenneth Lo, LWK + PARTNERS Director, became one of the first engineers from Hong Kong and Macau to be awarded professional titles by mainland authorities, accredited as Professorate Senior Engineer (正(教授级)高级工程师), the highest rank on the mainland system. While widely reported in the media, it also signifies a major step in our firm’s growing advancement in China especially the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

    Advancing Mainland-Hong Kong collaboration and mobility

    On 27 July, certificates was presented by Guangzhou’s Nansha District to 16 Hong Kong and Macao talents who passed the assessment process. It is the first area in the whole country where Hong Kong and Macao engineering professionals can apply for professional titles. Upon qualification, these individuals will enjoy equal status as their mainland counterparts when practicing for China projects, an important breakthrough for market integration and talent mobility.

    “During bidding,” said Kenneth, noting the barriers Hong Kong professionals faced on the mainland, “Especially with government projects, there are qualification requirements that the team must meet, including the project leader. Often, deputy senior engineers is the minimum level accepted.”

    Seasoned architect focusing on GBA urban growth, extensively involved in large-scale mixed-use and TOD projects

    Kenneth is the first wave of Hong Kong architects heading to the mainland after the signing of CEPA, a trade agreement signed between Hong Kong and the mainland on closer economic partnerships. He has been extensively involved in the mainland over the last 18 years, leading the LWK + PARTNERS GBA studio on numerous projects including large-scale mixed-use and TOD projects. By integrating our global experience, his team is committed to elevating urban images, industry development and innovation.

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