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    18 September 2018

    Director Mr. Ferdinand Cheung Speaks at the 2nd T China International Style Conference

    Our Director, Mr. Ferdinand Cheung, was invited to attend the 2nd T China International Style Conference, co-hosted by T Magazine China and Chengdu IFS on Thursday (13 Sept). The theme of this year’s conference was “Art Precedes”. In an era that stresses public aesthetics, art has penetrated our city unknowingly. The conference explored the past, present, and future of the city to examine the urban environment through the lens of public aesthetics.

    As one of the panelists, Ferdinand scrutinised the relationship between cities, images and its people with artists from different disciplines. As Design Architect of Chengdu IFS, he assessed the city with his vast experience in architecture design. He share some of his considerations when he was designing the building, such as putting local culture and the needs of citizens before other criteria to produce a “localised building” that matches the pace of the city, integrating art into daily life.