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    31 August 2018

    Taking an International Win in the Planning and Design for Mengzhuiwan

    The joint collaboration of LWK, Cistri Ltd (formerly known as Waters Economics Ltd) and Savills (Chengdu) Ltd has stood out from the rest in the international competition for the renewal of Chengdu’s Mengzhuiwan. Leveraging our combined strength in design, the proposal has successfully gained a position in the final six, and got the highest score in the final round of adjudication to place first in the competition.


    The competition has not only captured the interest of various Shanghai and Chengdu local design institutes, but also that of many international firms, including design companies from the US and Italy. In addition to our partnership with the international consultants, LWK’s professionals also formed a substantial part of the team. Mr. Jason Ho, LWK’s Director of Planning & Urban Design who has had over 30 years of experience in the profession, has lead the project to its success along with Mr. Fangming Gao, Director of our Chongqing Studio, and their teams of professionals.

    The site is located in the southeast end of Chenghua district; neighbouring Jinjiang district, the two districts are only separated by the Jinjiang River. It is also connected to multiple key traffic motorways, and is the only key development area planned by the local government in the east of the city. It is home to the highest tower in the west of China – the West Pearl Tower.


    Our design has preserved and revitalised the art, culture, entertainment, and commerce of the waterfront area, and has inherited the aboriginal culture of Mengzhuiwan as well as the unique river culture on the plains of Chengdu. With a human-scale and culture-driven retail design, the proposed planning will enhance the overall image of the area to connect the past, present, and future of Chengdu – Mengzhuiwan will become the River of Dreams.