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    19 August 2022

    Director Ricky Wang speaks at German Design Council’s ICONIC CONFERENCE

    2022’s first ICONIC CONFERENCE organised by the German Design Council took place during the Shenzhen Creative Week at the DESIGN DOME Exhibition. LWK + PARTNERS Director Ricky Wang was invited as a guest speaker on the topic of ‘Reinventing Community’. Introducing the latest design trends to the audience, he also discussed the reshaping of community under China’s rapid urban development.

    How can we energise our streets through diverse means from community planning to promoting interconnections, and from community evolution to urban core reinvention? How can we empower co-ownership of buildings, spaces and enjoyable environments?

    Citing the example of Green Shore Residence Phase II in Guangzhou, winner of the German Design Award 2021 in Excellent Architecture, Ricky tells how the architect rotates the four towers to open up a 270° panoramic river view for most units, while allowing nice sights of Guangzhou’s dynamic city centre.

    With Huya Headquarters in Foshan, he shares the vision of future workspaces in the low-carbon, tech-enabled era. The project combines technology, nature and the idea of homeland by breaking the boundaries between the park and the tower spaces. Chisha Depot TOD Complex in Guangzhou creates a new urban landmark through rethinking the concept of transit-oriented development, featuring inventive concepts like ‘work-oriented’, ‘live-oriented’ and ‘play-oriented’ developments. iCity in Zhuhai responds to Hengqin’s deepening connections with Hong Kong and Macau with a dynamic innovation hub for the animation industry, aimed to attract young entrepreneurs and startups from Hong Kong and Macau.