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    06 September 2022

    Exploring the Kingdom’s Public Realm at INDEX Saudi Arabia 2022

    Kourosh Salehi our MENA Design Director joined the industry’s leading figures in Saudi Arabia for Keynote presentation at INDEX Saudi Arabia which was held live in the Capital at Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center on Tuesday 6th September 2022. The INDEX Design Talks program was rich and very insightful with its lively discussions and knowledge-sharing conversations covering topics that explores the future of the built environment in the Kingdom. The 2-day Forum featured case studies, research-based insights, and value-driven content which we are honoured to part of.

    Kourosh’ s Keynote titled ” How Public is the Public Realm” addressed the urban realm as a critical component of the middle eastern city condition and its requirement for a contextual understanding of human diversity, behaviour, and physical form. He tackled the question of Does our cultural definition of “publicness” affect the way urban spaces are perceived, designed and utilized? He expressed what technical, aesthetic, market and strategic dynamics affects the industry and public realm in particular in the Kingdom.

    Identity formation and place making are catalysed when people engage in the public realm and make it their own. Integrated communities flourish and sustainable development agenda is achieved.