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    14 September 2022

    Four plaudits at Muse Design Awards Season 2

    Four projects from LWK + PARTNERS have won a total of two platinum and two gold awards in 2022 Muse Design Awards Season 2 as we continue to lead the industry and break boundaries!

    Lakeside Mansion, Guiyang, China

    • Architectural Design – Institutional (Platinum)

    The project aims to connect with the transitional space between urban and natural landscapes, while offering a scenic, playful ‘urban living room’.

    Royal Mansion Sales Gallery, Chuzhou, China

    • Architectural Design – Cultural (Platinum)

    The project reinterprets the local aesthetics from the Song Dynasty with contemporary construction techniques, bringing out the true beauty of nature as understood in Chinese art.

    The Great Park, Guangzhou, China

    • Architectural Design – Residential (Gold)

    Surrounded by charming scenery and rich ecological resources, the project is envisioned as a ‘lodge within the city’, taking design inspiration from bare rock in the valley.

    The Lake of World, Dongguan, China

    • Architectural Design – Public Spaces (Gold)

    The main entrance adopts a clean style with three layers symmetrically closing in from both sides. Similarly, the front, middle and back courtyards are arranged in progression.

    The Muse Design Awards recognise projects that inspire and advance new thinking on a global scale, leading the industry forward like a muse. The 2022 theme is ‘Stride Forth’ to celebrate the spirit of taking on challenges without fear even in the face of adversity.