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    02 September 2020

    From green building to eco-cities

    How does the relationship between cities and nature evolve under the new normal, and how do architecture and design play their parts?

    These were questions discussed at the 16th International Conference on Green and Ecology-efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo in Suzhou, China. Through online platforms, our Design Director Ricky Wang and Design Research Director Professor Stephen Lau shared their experience and research in relation to achieving a more sustainable future.

    Ricky joined a panel on green transport and the integration of city and stations, collectively rethinking transport-oriented development models across China and the world.

    Besides joining a panel on walkable streetscapes and slow mobility, Professor Lau gave two other talks focusing on the strategies of building eco-districts and sustainable campuses.

    In the first one titled ‘From buildings to districts, from green to ecology, from national to local – the cases of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong’, he looked at the planning guidelines of green communities in different parts of the world and made suggestions for the development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

    In another session on ‘How to be a world-leading global sustainable green campus?’, he shared the cases of three exemplary institutions, respectively located in the Netherlands, the US and Hong Kong, China. By studying their performances in terms of energy and climate change, waste management, water management, transportation and setting and infrastructure, Professor Lau set out the role of tertiary institutions in fostering sustainable cities.