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    24 November 2020

    HC Chan on Metro Radio programme Doors to the World

    Our Director HC Chan was invited as a guest at the Metro Radio programme Doors to the World on 20 November, to discuss the urban and architectural planning of Kai Tak new area in Hong Kong, and how it will set an example for future sustainable, green communities.

    HC Chan shares that Kai Tak, an area still under ongoing development, is designed to set the trend for human-oriented communities in Hong Kong which promotes sustainability, integration with nature and connectivity. It will consist of different residential developments, commercial landmarks, large-scale sports facilities and urban spaces throughout the neighbourhood.

    The planning of street networks embraces the spirit of traditional Hong Kong streetscapes where social connections thrives, augmented by footbridges and underground shopping arcades to create a multi-layered landscape of circulation. The existing Kai Tak River also will be enhanced with retail colonnades along the banks for even more vibrancy.

    To avoid the wall effect common in high-density neighbourhoods, architectural projects in Kai Tak feature a variety of high- and low-rise buildings. Massing is relatively reduced, and buildings are oriented towards the direction of prevailing winds. Buildings are set back to allow more green spaces for public enjoyment, while broadening up visual and ventilation corridors to bring in monsoons and other natural wind for a healthier living environment.

    For programme replay (In Cantonese):
    Part 1: https://llnk.to/Z11MvSh
    Part 2: https://llnk.to/1WjuYj