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    23 November 2020

    Mapping the future at Cityscape Real Estate Summit

    LWK + PARTNERS is honoured to be one of the contributors to the pool of shared knowledge and experience at the Cityscape Real Estate Summit 2020 in Dubai, exchanging views of the future with industry professionals across disciplines at a time of drastic change.

    At a panel discussion titled ‘Redefining the Concept of Smart Cities Post-pandemic’, Managing Director – MENA Kerem Cengiz stressed the importance of a holistic perspective. “We need to start thinking wider,” he said, “We need to think about ‘smart countries’ rather than just ‘smart cities’.” Making reference to the case of Dubai, he highlighted the role of smart technology in assisting COVID-19 responses: “The smart infrastructure in the city has allowed Dubai to bounce back a lot quicker than other places.”

    Design Director Kourosh Salehi joined another panel titled ‘Hotel of the Future – New Standards for the Hospitality Sector – A Design Perspective’, sharing how adaptive design may help speed up the process of recovery for the hard-hit sector.

    The annual Cityscape Global conference gathers influencers from across the industry to offer insights on issues pertaining to urban development. The 2020 Real Estate Summit is a special edition focusing on how to reinvigorate the real estate sector under the current climate. It ran from 16 to 17 November at Dubai World Trade Centre.