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    26 July 2021

    International design platforms reveal masterplan of Mengzhuiwan Urban Regeneration

    Multiple renowned online design platforms Archinect, Architizer, designverse and Archello showcased details of Chengdu’s Mengzhuiwan Urban Regeneration’s masterplan (click for project details) – a sustainable blueprint for waterside urban regeneration by LWK + PARTNERS Planning and Urban Design Team.

    Gregory Leong, Director and leader of the Team pointed out that, “During rapid urbanisation, there are pockets in the city that might be less well planned and over time the problems in these areas surface. It is not a problem unique to Chinese cities. Cities around the world encounter the problem one way or another. Through urban renewal planning and design, these areas can be reborn into even better and richer urban environment.”

    Located in Chenghua district of Chengdu, China, the Mengzhuiwan regeneration masterplan aims to create a symbiosis between industries, spatial experiences and open spaces through a human-scale, culture-driven design. It presents solutions addressing the various challenges of inner-city in China, while its waterfront development proposal provides a valuable reference for developing cities along the country’s complex waterscapes.

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