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    10 November 2020

    ‘Island__Peninsula’ Return Exhibition in Hong Kong

    An installation piece focusing on high-density living by LWK + PARTNERS Director Calvert Chan and his team was exhibited at the ‘Island__Peninsula’ Return Exhibition in Hong Kong, an event organised by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects.

    The piece, one of the 12 shown at the exhibition, reflects on the notion of ‘home’ and showcases different types of Hong Kong home designs in a miniature way to document the complexity of challenges faced by Hong Kong residents, particularly in terms of the interaction between different living styles and values of their inhabitants.

    Following a success in Los Angeles in 2019, the ‘Island__Peninsula’ exhibition came back to Hong Kong with a return show. Running from 31 October to 9 November 2020, it showcased the contrasting city fabrics of Hong Kong and Los Angeles, in terms of topography, transportation system and horizontal versus vertical development. It examined the underlying forces shaping the unique development of the Asian city as well its architectural style and innovations.