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    10 November 2020

    ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium

    Design Director Corina Leung and Head of Marketing – SEA Carolynne Wong engaged in a lively conversation online about Future Offices alongside fellow designers, real estate analysts and developers in the ULI Connect Roundtables, as part of the ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium on 4 November. The online discussion was followed by an exuberant small group dinner in Singapore with fellow ULI members.

    Drawing on her extensive experience in commercial design, Corina pointed out that the pandemic has dramatically changed people’s lives and will shift the future and the way of life into a new paradigm. While it won’t be easy, Corina is confident that with past experiences and knowledge, the international community is in a much better position today to respond to the challenges that people collectively face. She expressed that buildings and interiors will need to be designed for greater meaning and resilience; and interior spaces to be planned in a way that will allow more fluidity and flexibility.

    LWK + PARTNERS finds it especially meaningful during confusing times to take in everyone’s experience and how different parts of the world relate to change in varied ways.

    The practice will continue to work with clients across the world to review their office space strategies with a focus on employee engagement and wellbeing, flexibility and optimised productivity in a world transformed by the still-unfolding global health emergency.