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    22 July 2020

    Kelvin Hui and Yanie Low discuss office design trends with South China Morning Post

    Our modes of work will never be the same. With the growth of remote work, virtual meetings and flexible arrangements, the office environment is being rethought and challenged.

    South China Morning Post keeps an eye on the trend and reports on the change in office designs. LWK + PARTNERS Director Kelvin Hui and Associate Director Yanie Low offered their comments in two of the articles.

    Kelvin and Yanie discussed the future of open office in an article dated 13 April 2020: https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3079599/meet-your-after-coronavirus-workspace-germ-killing-desk-areas.

    In another story dated 21 July 2020, they shared how clients are prioritising flexibility in their premises: https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3093899/offices-resemble-hospitals-part-european-building-standard-being.