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    21 July 2020

    Kourosh Salehi talked about Saudi and post pandemic world

    LWK + PARTNERS has always been actively involved in different webinars to share new ideas and directions. This month, we participated in webinars organised by Saudi build and ArchiNet respectively.

    At Saudi Build’s webinar with the theme ‘The State of the Saudi Construction Sector’, our Design Director in Dubai office Kourosh Salehi discussed the impact of the pandemic on Saudi Arabia’s construction sector and what stakeholders can do to enhance business resilience while exploring solutions to support the Kingdom’s vision. The most effective response measure to deal with the changeable measures was also mentioned.

    In the ’Design Talk’ of ArchiNet webinar, Kourosh shared his viewpoints on various impacts of the epidemic with the theme ’A Valid Urban Response to Post Pandemic World’  giving an insightful rethink for global cities to react to dynamic factors continuously.

    Check out full recording for Saudi Build Webinar:

    Check out full recording for ArchiNet Webinar: