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    09 February 2023

    Kourosh Salehi at The 1st International Architecture and Design Conference, 2023

    We are proud to announce the participation of our esteemed expert, Kourosh Salehi, at the 1st International Architecture and Design Conference held on 8-9th February 2023 at Effat University in Jeddah, KSA. This prestigious event, themed “Man and Place: Creative Transformations,” brought together influential international voices from the architecture and design industry to explore new ideas, share experiences, and discuss the future of the built environment.

    Kourosh delivered an insightful presentation on “Public Realm in Private Cultures,” examining the complex relationship between private and public spaces in modern architecture and design. His talk highlighted the importance of understanding human diversity, behavior, and beliefs when designing urban spaces in the Middle East, and posed the question of how cultural definitions of “publicness” affect the perception, design, and utilization of these spaces.

    The conference provided a platform for a diverse range of contributions from academics, practitioners, decision-makers, and top keynote speakers. Topics covered included architecture, building science and technology, environmental design, urban design and landscape, housing and real estate developments, urban planning, governance, socio-cultural and economic development, community engagement, tourism, and heritage revitalization.

    We are proud to be one of the leading organization that supports Effat University in their initiatives and programmes.