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    08 February 2023

    Future Landscape and Playspaces 2023 Conference

    The Future Landscape and Playspaces 2023 conference, held from February 6-8 at the Movenpick Hotel in Dubai, was an enlightening and inspiring event focused on sustainable development and urban planning. Kourosh Salehi, our MENA Design Director and a member of the event’s Advisory Board, delivered an enlightening presentation entitled “Curating Cities through Public Realm Revival.”

    Salehi emphasized during his presentation the importance of resilient cities that can adapt to the challenges of climate change, and highlighted how landscape is the heart and soul of urban projects. He stressed the need for innovative planning and design solutions that prioritize green tourism, high quality of life, and self-sustained communities.

    Inclusive and equitable cities were another major theme of Salehi’s presentation, as he discussed the role of urban tech in promoting accessibility and inclusivity. He also introduced the concept of new typologies, which involves redefining the DNA of the city and finding a balance between beauty and utility.

    Scalable solutions were presented as essential for addressing the myriad of issues facing urban environments. Salehi emphasized the need for a holistic approach to city planning, which considers urban metabolism and the interconnectedness of various systems.


    Xeriscaping, a water-conserving landscaping technique, was presented as a valid response to water scarcity in arid regions. Additionally, Salehi introduced the concept of bio-cubes, which serve as multi-functional spaces for both leisure and urban agriculture, contributing to the development of blue and green infrastructure.

    The Future Landscape and Playspaces 2023 conference showcased the UAE’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and creating a sustainable, inclusive, and high-quality urban environment for all citizens and residents. Kourosh Salehi’s insightful presentation contributed to the event’s success and left attendees inspired to work towards a greener and more resilient future.