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    18 May 2023

    LWK+PARTNERS’ Exclusive Interview: Unveiling the Vision Behind DIFC’s Iconic Development in 2A Architecture & Art Magazine

    We are excited to share an exclusive interview featuring LWK+PARTNERS’ Global Design Principal, Kourosh Salehi, in the esteemed pages of 2A Architecture & Art Magazine. This in-depth conversation offers a unique opportunity to explore the design philosophy, ambitions, and innovative strategies behind the groundbreaking DIFC Living.

    Key Highlights:

    Client’s Ambitions: Discover the client’s vision for this mixed-use development, which aims to set new standards for luxury living in Dubai’s financial heart.

    Sustainable Design: Learn how the project incorporates sustainable design principles throughout construction and operation phases, setting the benchmark for integration across the GCC.

    Pedestrian Connectivity: Explore the innovative solutions employed to achieve seamless pedestrian connectivity, including cascading gardens, public plazas, and an amphitheater.

    Biophilic Design: Understand how LWK+PARTNERS integrates natural elements into the built environment to create a nature-centric development that enhances residents’ well-being.

    Role of Technology: Discover the pivotal role of technology, particularly virtual reality, in the design process, enabling efficient spatial arrangements and smooth project delivery.

    Iconic Twisted Cube: Uncover the significance of the iconic twisted cube atop the tower and how it serves as a new landmark for Dubai’s ever-evolving skyline.

    Shaping Dubai’s Future: DIFC Living represents a landmark development that responds to the evolving demands of urban living in Dubai. It embraces innovation, sustainability, and a deep connection to nature while creating an exceptional urban living experience.

    Full interview was published in the spring issue of 2A Architecture & Art Magazine, where readers can explore the visionary journey of LWK+PARTNERS in shaping Dubai’s skyline.