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    29 May 2023

    “Revolutionizing Architecture: An Inside Look at LWK + PARTNERS’ Innovations as Featured in Powered Magazine”

    LWK + PARTNERS was featured in the latest edition of Powered Magazine. The feature explores the architectural innovations produced in our MENA studio that is led by Kerem Cengiz. The article offers a deep dive into the multifaceted landscape of architecture, exploring everything from urban transformation to the use of AI in the design process.

    Kerem brings to light the pivotal role of architects in shaping city skylines and the importance of adopting a human-centric approach in urban design. Additionally, he emphasizes the need for enhancing pedestrian experiences within existing urban environments.

    This feature promises the readers an exclusive peek into our studio, showcasing the level of dedication, thoughtfulness, and detailed planning that our team invests in each project. From initial ideation to final execution, our mission is to create architectural marvels that captivate and inspire.

    This article promises to stoke curiosity and fuel passion for architectural design and urban planning.

    Explore the full article here