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    17 September 2020

    New Director Gregory Leong shares four planning and urban design strategies

    There is a fundamental difference between ticking all the boxes off a planning guideline and designing a liveable city.

    “Meeting planning requirements is important,” said Gregory Leong, recently appointed as Director at LWK + PARTNERS to oversee its Planning & Urban Design Team.  “But urban design goes further than the structural arrangement of buildings and land parcels.”

    The US-licensed architect has over 20 years working in Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, Southeast Asia, and the US, and his expertise ranges from masterplanning, urban design, adaptive redevelopment planning and resort planning to architectural and landscape design.

    In this interview, Greg outlines four strategies in achieving a balance between policy objectives and human experience, which he considers key to designing great cities:

    1. Begin with an ‘urban image’
    2. Vitalise activity with mixed-use zoning
    3. Make places accessible and links efficient
    4. Respect local culture, history and social relations

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