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    15 September 2020

    Green building efforts featured in Southeast Asia Building

    Southeast Asia Building published its annual green issue covering green building projects around the world and trends in smart building. Health and efficiency are also considered in this issue.

    Our project THE PAVILIA BAY in Hong Kong, China was featured for its architecture and landscape design. Conceived as a yacht embarking its journey towards the waters, the project features softened architecture with curvy elevations to integrate with the surroundings. The use of neutral colours and richly landscaped common areas also work to present a vision for sustainability.

    HC Chan, our Director, discusses the roles of Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) in relation to the future of smart building. Unlike conventional construction methods, DfMA works more like the manufacturing industry. Individual parts are prefabricated in an off-site factory and then delivered to the site for assembly. With the help of BIM, which smoothens multi-disciplinary coordination, DfMA will achieve greater impact.

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